Ben Zemanek

Ben Zemanek voice artist

Ben Zemanek

Ben Zemanek is no stranger to the industry, having worked in many facets of advertising. His career began as a junior sound engineer at Stellar Sound where one of his roles was creating voice demos for up and coming voice artists. At that stage, Ben was also a part-time musician, playing in several bands gigging around Australia.

After several years, he found his focus shift towards film and video and he began learning the craft of editing. For the past 12 years, Ben has worked as a successful editor in TV, film and advertising.

Through his collective experience, Ben instinctively knows how to deliver a voiceover that best compliments and enhances an ad and brings it to life, and he has lent his voice to several big campaigns in recent years. He has a beautifully natural and conversational style to his reads and his voice is familiar, likeable and trustworthy.

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